Tuesday, January 28, 2014

EmmaClaire turns 8 years old

EmmaClaire turned eight this past weekend and is super excited about getting baptized this coming weekend.  

This past year or so, she has had a fetish with horses.  Not My Little Ponies ( that's Kate's fetish), but real ponies and horses.  The fear she had of riding horses a few years ago has turned into pure love and excitement.  With Mima and Papa living close by now, the kids have enjoyed riding horses a lot more than usual, and EmmaClaire has been the child that begs for it the most.  I have loved watching her fears change into interest and confidence.  

So, not surprisingly, she wanted a pony birthday party.  Mima and Papa hosted the fun part at their house with three saddled horses and lots of brushes for the girls to comb the horses.  EmmaClaire invited six girls, five of which came. 

She love love loves her Papa!

After riding and brushing the horses, Papa drove up with the ranger and took the girls for a ride.

Then we headed back home and played Pin the tail on the Pony ( so original, I know), then had a horse piñata, presents, and cupcakes.  It was a fun and memorable party for my sweet girl.

She didn't have any jobs to do all day, and got to choose the breakfast and dinner menu.  Walffles with berry syrup for breakfast, and out to eat at Chili's for dinner.  Other than her very own set of personalized scriptures, I'm pretty sure her favorite birthday gift was a stuffed animal pony.

As tradition, here's what we all loved about EmmaClaire;
Kate- she plays really nice with me
Andersen-she is a good school teacher, and I like playing school with her.
Abby- she's fun to play with, and she is nice and caring, and she's an awesome sister.
Mason- she's pure girl, she loves everything that a girly girl should love.
Taylor- she's always smily, happy, laughs, jolly.  She's super fun to be around.
Mom- she has a kind heart and is thoughtful and sensitive to others around her.
Dad- she stays focused on her jobs and tasks.  She's a good work and doesn't get distracted easily.

Happy birthday to our sweet, sweet EmmaClaire!

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