Tuesday, December 7, 2010

6 Months Old

Today Baby Kate went in for her 6-month wellchild check-up. Besides a few tears from shots, everything went well.

One my my favorite things about going to the dr. with my new babies is to find out how they are growing. So, for the record:

Kate's weight is 18.6 ounces; 85th percentile.

Her height is at the 90th percentile.

So far, she's a very chubby but proportionate little thing.

Then I find out that her head is. . . .totally and completely OFF the charts. If the percentiles kept going, it would put her around the 140th percentile.

Wow! We've got a BIG noggined little girl.

I remember as a new and young mother, being a little bothered and offended when people would mention that our second baby, Mason, had a huge head, even though it was VERY true. Then there was Andersen, with yet another HUGE head.

I've since lost my sensitivity-and it's a good thing. John and I just have big headed children.

All the more to love, I guess. And lots more room for big brains too.

Sweet Kate!