Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mason is The Man

Yesterday morning I came home from my run to find Mason in the kitchen with an apron on. He had pulled out the recipe book, had mixed up pancake batter, and was in the process of setting the table, getting out the syrup, and cooking the pancakes on the griddle.

Mason is one of our early birds in the morning, and he seems to enjoy being in the kitchen. What a great combination! I think I'll teach him to make scrambled eggs next, then french toast, and oatmeal. . . .

And in the meantime, I'll enjoy a few more zzzzzzz's. Mase-you're awesome!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Break--California Trip

I love when the kids are home and all to myself.

Because the baby was born right when the kids got out of school last year, I didn't get to enjoy the kids during the summer like I usually do because of having a newborn. So Fall Break was especially enjoyable for me. Being on a modified year-round schedule, we had 2.5 weeks off. And it was filled with fun! I'm not quite ready to send them back to school.

We started with a wonderful weekend of General Conference. Loved every minute of it! It seems like the older I get, the more I enjoy and look forward to each Conference. I can't wait to get my hands on the printed version!

Monday we found ourselves on Hunnington Beach and had everything needed for the perfect California beach day--everything but the sun. It was cold, cloudy and rainy. But the kids still played with the waves and sand. We learned that although you can't control the weather, you CAN control your attitude. And we had tons of fun! That evening we had a bonfire on the beach with my roommate and her family and loved staying at the Watkins Hotel.

Tuesday was Disneyland. When the rain started coming down, we considered buying ponchos. But for our family to buy ponchos with the "Disneyland" logo on them, it would have cost over $50. So we all got soked except for baby Kate. John found a clean garbage bag on a janitorial cart. We ripped it in half and hung it over the stroller to keep Kate warm and dry. It worked wonders! I never thought I'd find myself nursing on the Finding Nemo ride. Awesome.

Wednesday we said goodbyes to the Watkins and drove to Sea World in San Diego. Super fun and perfect weather! Andersen especially loved chanting "Sham-Poo, Sham-Poo" (Shamu), then getting splashed.

Thursday we visited the San Diego Zoo. Fun for all ages. John thought their advertisement was well fitting: "Come visit the San Diego Zoo and let your wild ones meet ours." My favorites were the hippos and the panda bears. John couldn't get enough of the gorillas. And the kids loved it all.

Friday we were back in the heat at home. A few favorite memories:

  • teaching manners at a restaurant-with all 6.

  • listening to the five oldest giggle themselves to bed in our hotel room. We used the couch bed and two fold-out beds to create a massive bed that covered almost the entire room. Lots of steam rollers and jumping from one mattress to the next. They all got along so well and had so much fun together-it did my heart good.

  • getting numerous looks and comments on Kate's cheeks. They almost hang lower than her chin. After seeing the elephants and comparing thighs, Abby has started calling her "my little elephant". Well suited.

  • Andersen, telling us that he needed to use the restroom and throwing a fit when we told him to do his business in his diaper. It's time to potty-train. Anyone for hire?

  • going with EmmaClaire to get pictures with Disney princesses. "Mom, was she the REAL princess Belle, or was she just wearing a dress-up?" How do you answer that without crushing the dreams of a girly 4-year-old?
  • Visiting with one of my favorite girlfriends. She and I were roommates in college. With almost 14 years since then, we picked up where left off and didn't skip a beat. It was a joy to see her beautiful home, darling children, and what a wonderful mother and wife she is. Love her!
  • Eating peanut M&M's before and after every meal. . . don't need to go into detail there.

I'll post pictures soon.