Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I lost my Wisdom last weekend.

All four wisdom teeth came out last weekend. Because of some traumatic dental experiences in my past, I was a little nervous for Friday morning to come around (maybe more than a little). I was pleasantly surprised. It hasn't been too bad. They put me under, thank goodness, and I don't remember a thing. The dentist said it only took about 20 minutes to get the teeth out.

My mom-in-law took great care of me and my family for 24 hours post surgery. I'm pretty sure she's the best nurse EVER. And since then I have healed well and am feeling better and better each day. I had minimal swelling, which was nice. Being 5 days post surgery, I feel a constant dull headache, but in the jaw (would that be called "jaw-ache"?) but don't mind it too much with Motrin. Could that be addictive?

Long Lived Dreams are finally coming TRUE!

Emma Claire watched Abby go through two years of dance and has long awaited the time when she was old enough to go herself. Abby has since grown out of the "dress-up-like-a-ballerina-and-prance-around-the-room" stage and is more interested in school work, soccer, and riding bikes. EmmaClaire, on the other hand, is in the thick of it!

Emma Claire attended her first dance class yesterday with three little friends from the neighborhood and was on cloud 9 all day long. When the dance instructor was giving directions, helping the girls stretch, and doing role call, Emma Claire kept asking where the music was and when they could do twirls. She learned first position in ballet and practiced doing leaps over a pillow. All smiles for that girl! Next Tuesday couldn't come soon enough.