Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I lost my Wisdom last weekend.

All four wisdom teeth came out last weekend. Because of some traumatic dental experiences in my past, I was a little nervous for Friday morning to come around (maybe more than a little). I was pleasantly surprised. It hasn't been too bad. They put me under, thank goodness, and I don't remember a thing. The dentist said it only took about 20 minutes to get the teeth out.

My mom-in-law took great care of me and my family for 24 hours post surgery. I'm pretty sure she's the best nurse EVER. And since then I have healed well and am feeling better and better each day. I had minimal swelling, which was nice. Being 5 days post surgery, I feel a constant dull headache, but in the jaw (would that be called "jaw-ache"?) but don't mind it too much with Motrin. Could that be addictive?


  1. WHAT? No picture...that's what I was looking forard too!

  2. I'm with James! Let's see those chipmunk cheeks. Glad you are re-cooping so nicely. I tried to call to check on you, so I'm glad to hear you're doing great.

  3. I LOVE seeing pics of you guys. Look at your big family, Bec! How awesome and adorable are you guys?! I love it. Can't wait to see you in Oct. So excited.