Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's a Test

I had to laugh a few mornings ago about a conversation I had with Taylor. Here's some background:

Last week for Family Night we talked about the importance of showing LOVE in our home. After a good discussion, we drew names secretly. The goal was to secretly show love to that special person throughout the week, then leave a heart and maybe a valentine treat or a nice note in that person's room to let them know they were loved.

So, throughout the week, I frequently found my shoes picked up, my bed made, and nice notes left on my bathroom counter. And I tried to do secret service for my special person too.

Thursday morning the kids were racing to get ready for school. As they filed down stairs for breakfast, I checked their bedrooms (as I frequently do) and noticed that both boys had not made their beds. So I told Mason and Taylor to walk back upstairs and make their bed. Mason turned right around and was quick to obey. Taylor, on the other hand, acted like he didn't hear me.

I said it louder and made sure I had eye contact. He kept walking down stairs, saying he didn't want to make his bed that morning. What? He's usually not blatantly disobedient like this.

I looked at him, wondering what was going on. "Mom, it's a test", he said with a sly smile. After further questioning, I learned that he wasn't sure if anyone really drew his name at Family Home Evening. He thought this because he hadn't noticed that anyone had done anything special for him. There hadn't been any nice notes in his room, no valentine treats on his bed, no hearts with his name on it. And he wanted whoever had him as a special person to have a good chance to do something nice--like make his bed. He went on to tell me that he purposely messed up his bed really bad so that if anyone was looking for secret service, it would be very obvious.

I laughed and let him off the hook for making his bed that morning. Then after school, I made sure that the person who had Taylor as their secret person (which happened to be Abby) knew of Taylor's plot. He came home with a nicely made bed, a nice note with tons of candy on his pillow. Proof that his name was drawn!

That act of service made all the difference! And he felt loved.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Taylor's Win

Taylor's writing contest just got posted online. For those interested in reading more and/or seeing his entry (and entries from other students), check out, then click on "writing winners" and his will show up in his category.