Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's REAL!

I had an ultrasound yesterday. And I heard the heart beat. That experience always makes things seem "real" for me.

Last night I read a bunch of stuff about the development of the baby before birth. Every time I go through this, now being the sixth, I am always amazed at the whole process. The hourly and daily changes and growth to a fetus are sign enough for me that there is an all-knowing Creator involved. And to think that we are created in His image and likeness. Wow!

Official due date. . . June 12, 2010.

It seems so far away, especially since we're heading into winter and the baby won't come until summer time. But the fact that I have felt much better this past 9 days makes it much more bearable. If only the dish fairy would visit our house, and the laundry fairy, and the clean bathroom fairy. . .

All the kids are hoping for another BOY brother. This surprised me, especially towards Emma Claire. I thought for sure she'd want a little sister to play with. Why a boy, I asked? Her response was cute. "Andersen needs a buddy to play with. I have Abby, and Mason has Taylor. Andersen needs someone too."

John and I are indifferent. We'll just be thankful for a healthy child.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All for the Love of Fruit Snacks

A few days ago as I was upstairs helping Emma Claire clean her room, I heard yelling from Andersen. "Mom, help. . . help, . . . MOM HELP!!!" The noise sounded far away, but I could tell Andersen really needed help.

I dropped what I was doing and ran downstairs, the whole time listening to him panic. . . not sure why. I came around the corner and into the kitchen to find my little monkey hanging from the top two shelves of the kitchen cupboards. As I got to him, his little hands slipped off the edge of the top shelf and I caught him in mid air. Had I been a second later, he would have fallen backwards about 9 feet down to the tile floor and could have cracked open his head.

He didn't cry, but I could tell he was very scared. After calming him down in my arms, I asked him why he was climbing up the cupboard. His response was "Andsen yubs boot nacks" ('Andersen loves fruit snacks', in case you don't understand his language like I do). I should have guessed. The top shelf of that cupboard is where I hide the fruit snacks. Smart kid. I was just grateful that we didn't end up in the ER for a head injury.

So, later that day the older boys were at the park playing football with friends when I got a phone call from a young boy, saying "can you come to the park fast? Mason is hurt and is bleeding bad. . . hurry."

So again I dropped what I was doing and ran to the neighborhood park down the street and around the corner. Mason had two big cuts in the back of his head and was pretty out of it. Apparently, he had been running for a pass and had gotten tackled by a bigger boy. The bigger boy fell on top of him, and Mason fell backwards and landed hard on the cement.

I applied pressure to stop the bleeding and looked at the cuts. Not big enough for stitches, thank goodness. But for peace of mind, John and I decided to take him to the Emergency Room for a CAT scan. Five hours and $125 later, we got that peace of mind. Mason was fine.

At least Mason won the football game.

Kids can sure be expensive and add a little stress to our lives. I'm just glad my boys are both safe.