Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's REAL!

I had an ultrasound yesterday. And I heard the heart beat. That experience always makes things seem "real" for me.

Last night I read a bunch of stuff about the development of the baby before birth. Every time I go through this, now being the sixth, I am always amazed at the whole process. The hourly and daily changes and growth to a fetus are sign enough for me that there is an all-knowing Creator involved. And to think that we are created in His image and likeness. Wow!

Official due date. . . June 12, 2010.

It seems so far away, especially since we're heading into winter and the baby won't come until summer time. But the fact that I have felt much better this past 9 days makes it much more bearable. If only the dish fairy would visit our house, and the laundry fairy, and the clean bathroom fairy. . .

All the kids are hoping for another BOY brother. This surprised me, especially towards Emma Claire. I thought for sure she'd want a little sister to play with. Why a boy, I asked? Her response was cute. "Andersen needs a buddy to play with. I have Abby, and Mason has Taylor. Andersen needs someone too."

John and I are indifferent. We'll just be thankful for a healthy child.

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  1. Boy or girl, the baby's sure to be cute! You guys make a good team. We're excited for you!