Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Mason!

Mason turned 9 this past week. As we video-taped him opening his presents (he received a Red Rider B-B gun, an outdoor basketball standard and basketball, and a stop watch), we came across this video from when he was three years old. (Make sure your volume is turned up.)

From the start, Mason has been a joy, so full of life and enthusiasm. He isn't a complainer and is always willing to help, especially in the kitchen or outside with Dad. Of all our children, he compliments the most and tends to look outward towards others.

He likes being around people and doesn't enjoy being alone. Yesterday, I found him in the front yard with his new stop watch, timing all the neighborhood children running from point A to point B (he had made start and finish lines with sidewalk chalk). At one point, there were 11 children racing against the clock, their ages ranging from 2 to 12. Mason shouted out lots of encouragement during each race, then complimented the children as they finished.

He chose waffles with strawberries and ice cream for breakfast, Sweet Tomatoes restaurant for dinner, and a visit to PetsMart for an outing (only window shopping, of course). It was a fun day for our new 9 year old boy.


  1. Love that boy...he sure lets his little light shine! The story of the races and the stop watch is too cute.

  2. Oh Mason! We love you! Hope it was the best birthday ever! Sounds like fun!