Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My new 4-year-old Girl

EmmaClaire turned four this past week. Is it just my imagination, or has she really matured and grown up these past few days since her birthday? She has seemed so happy and content, helpful and kind since her birthday, which sometimes is unlike her. So far, I am loving my new four year old girl.

For her birthday, her dad fixed up her bike with new tires, a bell, basket, streamers, and best of all-no training wheels. Before John left for work that morning, he took EmmaClaire outside and helped her learn how to ride a two wheeler. I thought it would end in tears and frustration and was completely caught off guard. A few seconds after John started her for the first time (and was running right with her, holding onto her shoulder to help balance her), EmmaClaire started yelling, "Dad, let go, let go". John wasn't so sure she could make it on her own and continued running with her, holding her shoulder until EmmaClaire started getting angry that he was still holding on, "I said, LET GO!!!". So, he let go.

And she was off down the street. Riding bikes has been her favorite thing to do since then, and other than getting started, she hasn't hesitated one bit. Very unlike her. I like my new four year old girl.

As she opened her presents, I was reminded of years back when Taylor turned 5 years old. Being the oldest and in need of new clothes, his presents consisted of mostly that--clothes. We cracked up as he opened each gift. The first, a pack of socks, was opened with zero expression. The second, some shirts, was opened with a little frustration, and the third gift didn't even get all the way opened. As soon as he realized it was a pair of pants, it was quickly tossed to the side and looked for the next gift. Lesson learned-boys have ZERO interest in clothes.

Now back to EmmaClaire. She got some play dough, a pair of tights, two shirts, an outfit, and some sun glasses (and her new and improved bike). She opened each gift, held the clothes up to her, asked how she looked, and made lots of comments like "wow, I love it. It's so cute. Abby, do you like it? Do you want to borrow it? Oh, it's too small for you. . . it's just my size. . . .I love it. . . " and on and on. Then throughout the day, she wore each article of clothing except for one pair of tights. Since then, she hasn't worn anything else. She is PURE girl!!!

Maybe her content, happy and helpful nature has come from being showered with attention from everyone around her these past few days. Being the "middle" child, I've noticed that sometimes her needs and wants are put on the back burner. The school kids need lots of help with their homework and activities. Andersen, being the baby, needs extra TLC and caring for. And EmmaClaire is sometimes left to fend for herself.

Realizing this, I have tried extra hard this past year to put her needs first and to make sure I spend time playing and visiting with her about things she's interested in. But it doesn't always pan out that way.

All the more reason to keep trying though. And maybe through my motherly efforts, I'll continue to bring out the happy, new and improved four year old girl that I have thoroughly enjoyed these past few days.

Happy Birthday EmmaClaire.


  1. Becca, you inspire me. Your efforts are paying off...your kids are pure joys to be around...and yes, even that sweet, opinionated 4 year old! I love her and can't wait to give her a birthday squeeze.

  2. Great post Becca! I loved the story about Taylor...SO funny! It is A-MAZING the difference between boys and girls sometimes! Your kiddos are SOOOO cute! Good luck with your special time with each kid, it's not easy!