Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting Away

We spent this past weekend up at the cabin with some of John's siblings. As much as I don't like to be cold and hate the snow, it was soooooo nice to get away from the norm and focus on just being together. With not-so-great cell phone service, no church or work commitments, and limited Internet time, we focused on more important things-like spending time together, having uplifting discussions, serving, resting from the business of life, and playing. We enjoyed lots of snow forts, snow fights, sledding, skiing, eating, visiting, exercising, reading, playing with Lincoln logs, doing puzzles, ping-pong, more visiting, making jewelry, playing Risk, Trash, and Phase 10, napping, more visiting, and just being together.

Last night after unpacking and getting ready for bed, John asked the kids what their favorite thing at the cabin was. Each mentioned something that had to do with being with cousins. Andersen said, "I yike Daby Daby" (a cute cousin his same age). Emma Claire said she loved "hugging with Allen". Abby enjoyed playing Trash with Kinsey and Phase 10 with Aunt Christina. Mason loved having snow ball fights with Joseph and Kevin. And Taylor said he loved it all and couldn't think of just one thing. (We purposely limited the kids to "just one favorite thing" in order to go to bed before midnight. . . they, especially Taylor, can sure go on and on with tons of detail if there's not some kind of limit.)

So, our goal was accomplished; to strengthen relationships and create fond memories. I look forward to the next time we can get away! And many thanks to Mom and Dad for providing such the perfect place!

Now back to reality.


  1. So glad you guys had fun. I often wondered what kind of fun we were missing out on this past weekend. Hope we can join you next time!

  2. What a wonderful weekend. I sure am thankful for the family I've been blessed with...and my sisters (who happen to be married to my brothers) are some of my favorite people. Thanks for the fun...sure like you guys

  3. I'm glad you guys were able to have such a good time even if we weren't there. I know it was hard, but you guys are pretty talented when it comes to enjoying family! We love you so much and feel a bit cheated. We look forward to and will appreciate next time more.

  4. It sounds like a fun trip! The cabin is beautiful and perfect for great family memories! We love the snow and it looks like this week has sent us a lot and possibly to the AZ mountains. Missing you guys a lot...as ususal.