Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mason is The Man

Yesterday morning I came home from my run to find Mason in the kitchen with an apron on. He had pulled out the recipe book, had mixed up pancake batter, and was in the process of setting the table, getting out the syrup, and cooking the pancakes on the griddle.

Mason is one of our early birds in the morning, and he seems to enjoy being in the kitchen. What a great combination! I think I'll teach him to make scrambled eggs next, then french toast, and oatmeal. . . .

And in the meantime, I'll enjoy a few more zzzzzzz's. Mase-you're awesome!


  1. Definitely need to snap a photo of that. What a guy!

  2. What a guy! glad to hear he's found something helpful to do when he gets up early.