Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Andersen's First Loose Tooth

He's been wiggling it for about three weeks now.  As soon as he noticed it was a bit loose, he asked dad to pull it out.  But John said he didn't think it was quite ready then, so every day since, I've noticed Andersen wiggling it during homework, story time, dinner, etc. . . So exciting for this 6 year old!

He was quite nervous about John pulling it out, but quickly gained courage when all his older, more experienced siblings cheered him on and told him it won't hurt.  

As soon as the tooth came out and he ringed out his mouth, I asked him to come over for another "post" picture.  Within seconds of trying to get a picture of the hole in his mouth, he started saying he didn't feel well, then he got all hot, then his face turned white as a ghost, and he all but fainted in John's arms.  Wired.  We weren't sure if it had to do with the taste of blood in his mouth or the whole trauma of it. . . Either way, I didn't get a great shot of the toothless smile I was hoping for.

John carried him up to bed and made sure he was OK before tucking him in.  He woke up feeling just fine, especially since the Tooth Fairy left him with some big coins.

Big deal for this little guy!

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