Sunday, January 26, 2014

We're living in absolute mess!

This past week and this coming week, the drywall guys are doing their job. . . Which means tons and tons of dust.  It's kind of gross, and no matter how I try to keep things cleaned up, there's always another layer of dust on everything and anything in our whole house.  The workers haven't done any work in my bedroom or closet.  This past weekend I put on some red flats that I hadn't worn in over a week.  The shoes were so full of dust, they looked like they hadn't been work in years.  A damp rag cleaned things up. . . But not for long.

Here's a few pieces of furniture that were dusted just 6 days ago.

Hopefully dry wall will finish up this week, then we can wipe everything down before paint, flooring, tile, and trim.  Then wipe everything down again.  Then again, as the dust continues to settle.  We're super excited about having the new space.  Very much looking forward to saying goodbye to the construction zone in our house!

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