Sunday, January 12, 2014

The best Christmas present EVER!

Ever since I became a mother, I have always desired happy children.  That's easy when they are younger, but has seemed to become more difficult as the kids have gotten older.  For my birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and any other "gift giving" event, my kids always ask me what I want for a present.  My response has always been the same;  all I want for my birthday (or fill in the blank) is happy, obedient children.  Then they usually always follow up with , "I know, but what do you really want?"  Occasionally, I've given answers like Chapstick, a foot rub, etc. . . But always, the kids get that answer, "happy, obedient children".

I remember my mom always saying the same thing and just thought she was being silly.  But now as a mom myself, that's the best gift anyone could ever give me.  

Taylor's Christmas gift was a single typed piece of paper in a single white envelope that brought a flood of tears and meant so much, more than any gift money could buy.  I'm lucky to have him as oldest son and am grateful for the example he sets for the others that follow.

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  1. This is touching. You are lucky to have such a good boy as your oldest child. For my presents I always ask for notes from my children that say they love me because their actions don't always show it.