Friday, August 21, 2009

Our Studious One

Today I picked up the kids from school. On our drive home, I asked the kids individually how their day was. Mason's was "OK" but not great because at recess, the football game got a little hairy and some kids ended up angry at him because he made the touchdown. Abby had a great day and was pleased with herself for eating all her lunch (I had saved a bag of Doritos for her to share w/ cousin Leah for an after-school snack if she could eat all her lunch--bribes ALWAYS work for that girl!). Taylor's response was, "Great." After inquiring about what was so great, he, under his breath, mentioned that he had detention.

Detention? My smart, responsible son? Why detention?

His response cracked me up. "Well, I kind of chose to go to detention".

Why would any child choose to go to detention?

He went on to tell me that the class had been given an assignment to write three paragraphs, each talking about something they did or saw this past summer. When sufficient time had been given, the teacher collected the kids papers and sent them to recess. Taylor has a very creative and detailed mind. He had barely gotten into the first paragraph when time was up and asked his teacher if he could stay in detention during recess and finish up his assignment. He told me that one of his paragraphs was six pages long, and the other two were three pages. All the other children turned in one sheet.

Then he went on to tell me (chatter, chatter, chatter) that his 10-year-old life is too busy and he doesn't have time to write down all stories in his mind and that if he could have one wish, it would be to have two more hours each day that he would dedicate to writing his thoughts down. Weird? Awesome? Not sure what to think on that one.

But it's true. After friends are home and things are quiet around here, I frequently see him at the table writing. He has a few folders of his writings, organized to his liking. He's currently working on a story about a few boys that go back in time and search for clues about something or other. It's pretty impressive. Every couple of days, he asks me to do some editing for him. Maybe one of these days, I'll type his stories up for anyone interested.

Where did that brain of his come from?

I love 10-year-old boys!

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