Friday, August 7, 2009

Crazy for Balls

"Which ball do I play with? Which do I drop?" Such has been the dilemma of this one-year old. I have never known a little boy who is as crazy for balls as Andersen is. Notice his shirt--it has a picture of a soccer ball on it. If he can't find it in his drawer, he heads to the laundry room and pulls out all the dirty clothes from the hamper until he finds it. It's a little tricky to get it washed.
Yesterday I took the kids swimming at our neighbors house. They have a b-ball hoop connected to their pool. Andersen quickly found the hoop and realized that he could get within a few inches of the rim on his tip toes without falling into the pool. For the next hour, he stood there and shot balls into the rim. I was his official ball-boy. I was amazed at his focus; he never got board, never lost interest, and never got frustrated. He probably made over 100 baskets. For the record, I should have counted.


  1. The funny thing is that no one around him can be wearing anything with balls on it either or he'll go crazy! He's so cute. He absolutely loved McRae's ball blanket and the onesie that had footballs on it. If McRrae was wearing it, Andersen was right there next to him. What a guy!

  2. He is SO cute Becca! I kinda wish Luke was into balls...he's the same way with cars. But just yesterday he came up to me and said "I wanna play basth-ball" as clear as a 2 year old can talk and I was super excited! We immediately started throwing the ball around. Sadly, I'm not sure he even knows what a soccer, football or any other kind of ball is. We need to be better about getting boy toys around here!!!