Monday, August 3, 2009

Kind of Emotional

I don't like farewells. We've gone through two this past week. My heart is full, and my tear ducts are empty.

1-Uncle Ben passed away. John and I and our three oldest attended a beautiful funeral where his life was recognized and honored. Lots of tears, lots of resolve to be better, do better, and "become" better--definitely a life long process. Lots of quiet, inner reflection.
I held my newest nephew, Sweet Baby James, during Uncle Ben's viewing. Looking at a new baby who has just come to this world, I thought about The Plan and how short this life really is compared to our eternal existence. The knowledge and understanding that the family is a "forever" unit provides such peace at times like this. What a blessing!

2-My parents and two youngest brothers got on the plane for their new home in the Caribbean. We are excited for their adventures there and for all the people who will be influenced and guided under their direction, care, and example. But we'll still miss them terribly.
We spent the evening with them before the plane departed. A few moments were extra hard for me to watch.

When Grandpa is around, Andersen most always prefers him over anyone else. Grandpa had held him for a while, and it was getting time to go. So John pulled Andersen away from Grandpa and Andersen started crying, reaching back to Grandpa. He cried for "Bompa" all the way to the car, and then some more. Most nights, that's not a big deal. But knowing that this would be the last time in who knows how long made it extra tough to watch. Andersen is so little now, and chances are, he won't recognize his Grandpa next time we see him.

After giving multiple hugs and kisses, then some more, we finally walked out to get into the car. My youngest brother was alone on the front porch, shaking with tears. Both brothers that are going have been so brave, so positive, and such great examples to the rest of us. I haven't heard a negative word from either of them about moving. And for a teenager, changing countries, schools, languages, culture, and moving away from all things familiar would be tough. Watching those tears come down pulled at my heart strings. I'm so proud of both of them! They are living by the motto, "We can do hard things!"
Grandma with all her granddaughters.

Grandma with Abby and Emma Claire.

We love Grandpa!

We are proud of them and what they will accomplish, but they'll be missed-BIG TIME!!!! Thank goodness for Skype, email, blogs, and the phone. With all that, being on the other side of the world doesn't seem soooo far away anymore.

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  1. put a lump in my throat...thanks for sharing such personal feelings