Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Abby's First Tooth

She has been wiggling and wiggling her bottom tooth for over a month now. Frequently after walking in the door from playing, she'd ask me if I thought it was more loose than the day before. And until about two days ago, I really didn't feel anything different. Her cousin, Leah, who has already lost a tooth, was the one who could really tell though, being the experienced tooth-looser that she is. If I thought it didn't feel loose, Abby would tell me that Leah does think it is loose; therefore, it must really be loose. So today, as soon as it came out, Abby called Leah to spread the good news! Such an exciting thing for a six year old.

I was surprised that Abby was brave enough to let John pluck it out with floss. When it came out, he told her that if she didn't put her toungue in the hole, she would grow a golden tooth. After about 5 minutes of trying NOT to touch the hole with her toungue, she gave up and said to me, "It's OK. I already have a silver tooth anyway." (from a cavity).

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  1. Way to go Abby! It finally came out! Maybe when you're older, you'll get two gold teeth like me.