Tuesday, March 20, 2012

World's BEST Papa!

My father-in-law is awesome. I've always thought so, and I think I'm pretty lucky to have such amazing inlaws.

Today my father-in-law made quite an impression. Right after an early dinner, he called saying he was on his way home with a horse and wondered if he could stop by and give the kids a quick ride around the culd-e-sac. Sure, they'd LOVE that.

As soon as I hung up the phone and told the kids, they all started whooooping and hollering and cheering that Papa was coming over. They always do that, but this time the volume was much higher because it wasn't just Papa. He was bringing Gepetto (his horse). Within about 2 minutes, dinner dishes were cleared, all kids had their shoes on, and all were waiting on the front lawn. (I wish there was that kind of motivation every night).

What Papa didn't realize was that on most evenings when homework is done, dinner is in the oven, and the weather is perfect, there are usually about 15-20 kids roaming my street, all of which live in the culd-e-sac. With 9 homes on the street, there are a total of 31 kids under the age of 13. VERY kid friendly.

So when a nice man shows up with a horse, saddled and ready to ride, he naturally draws a crowd of children. Instead of just giving my kids a quick ride and saying hi, he ended up giving about 25 children and a few adults a ride up and down the street. There's something so endearing, watching him walk up and down the street a million times with his cowboy sway and a gentle, patient smile. Darling!

Being the first to ride, Andersen thought he was pretty awesome as wide eyes of all the children watched in wonder and wanting. His buddy Zac got to join him.

We LOVE our Papa! And today, he definitely left an impression on the Court.


  1. Riding a horse in the culdasac--very cool. I am jealous you have so many children in your nieghborhood. We have some but none are LDS and most are from India.

  2. FUN! I'm sure the kids scored some major "cool" points with their friends and neighbors.

  3. COOL! I can just picture it! How fun!

  4. Wow, I bet he's almost as cool as....lets say.....the Lone Ranger?? What an awesome guy:) hehehe