Sunday, March 18, 2012

Green-for St. Patrick's Day

After 10 days, here's Abby's new x-rays. There's a little rift where the break was, but the Dr. said it's healing beautifully.

EmmaClaire was at the dr. apt with us. She begged and begged Abby to choose pink for her cast color. Abby wanted lime green instead, in honor of St. Patricks Day, of course. She promised EmmaClaire that her next cast (in 2 weeks) would be pink.

Abby is doing great. I tease her about being my toddler; she needs help eating the last few bites of her dinner, bathing, writing anything, fixing her hair, folding her clothes, carrying things, etc. . .She can't get Kate out of the crib, has a hard time closing the car door from the inside. But she never complains, and more than not, she laughs at her handicap.

Love that girl!

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