Friday, March 23, 2012

Easter Candy

I was at Walgreens picking up a few perscriptions four days ago. After paying, a coupon came through with the receipt for $8 off my next in-store purchase. So I went back through the store and bought a giant bag of Robin Eggs and a few bags of Easter M&M's to use up the coupon. Just hide it away, and we'll have Easter candy on hand when we need it. . . on Easter.

They are all gone. The M&M's were devoured within 15 minutes of John finding them in my not-so-good hiding spot--with the help of all the kids, of course.

And over the next three days, the Robin Eggs have slowly discinigrated.

For young girls, Robin Eggs come with double pleasure; yummy tastey satisfaction, and a chance to experiment with make-up before you're quite old enough.

All fun and games for the girls. . . until the boys noticed. Of course, they first teased the girls for being "soooooo girly". Later in the evening, I walked passed the bathroom and saw this:

Kind of funny, but not really. Especially when John came home. Our boys will be boys! (not girls).

And that was the end of our Easter Candy fun.


  1. LOL!!!!!!! They wouldn't have lasted at my house either, but it probably would have been me, not Lafe! I love the double use! That's funny!

  2. I think our Easter candy will be gone before Easter comes too. I guess I'll have to go by more the day before Easter, that way we'll still have it on Easter. I love the robin egg makeup, I've never seen that before. :)

  3. This is so funny!
    Not to sound too much like a Dietitian, but just THINK of how much artifical coloring must be in those things to be able to rub off like that!
    Happy Easter!
    Love you.