Thursday, March 29, 2012

Taylor's Snow Cone/Bake Sale

About 2 months ago, Taylor found out that scout camp this summer would cost him $160. That's a LOT of money for a boy to earn. But he's been proactive at getting odd jobs around here and with neighbors.

The money is due in less than 2 weeks.

He came to me a few nights ago with a glass jar full of coins and dollar bills. So far, he had earned a total of $78.36. A lot in a short amount of time, but not nearly enough to pay for scout camp. I told him that if he could earn at least $100, we'd help cover the rest. That brought on a quick smile of relief.

So he decided to have a snow cone/bake sale. He created a flier and had me email it to friends and neighbors. He made signs; cookies and brownies 25 cents, snow cones 50 cents. Then he helped make cookie dough yesterday, and I baked it all up today.

After school and homework, he set up a shade tent, tables and chairs, the snow cone machine, all his signs, ice chest full of ice, all the baked goodies, napkins, and a glass jar for the money. And to his delight, he had a constant stream of customers for over an hour.

I thought maybe he'd make about $15.

He totalled over $57. Enough to pay me for ingredients, pay Mason and Abby 3$ each for being good helpers, pay his tithing, and still have over $100 towards scout camp. He was thrilled, to say the least.

And I was so impressed with his work ethic. He took the role of store clerk/professional salesman pretty seriously while selling snow cones and cookies. And at the same time, he was generous to the little kids who came with only a few pennies in their hands. He cleaned up EVERYTHING after finishing, including spraying off the sidewalks and doing all the dishes from baking cookies today.

Kate was in absolute heaven. Just love the red juices dripping down her neck. She went straight to the bath after the event.

Here's Taylor, adding things up at the end of the day. Happy boy.

He's becoming quite the entrepreneur.

And I should also mention--we have GREAT and supportive neighbors, to say the least!

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  1. YOu are my hero! Way to go to teach him about money! And seriously... how is it possible that Kate is that big already? She was just a nursing baby when I left. sniff sniff...the time flies! We miss you guys! xoxo