Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Last Party of the Summer

The last week of Summer, we enjoyed time in La Jolla with all of John's siblings, their families, and his parents.  All but one niece was there.  We stayed in a beautiful beach house just a short hop, skip, and a jump from the sandy beach.  First thing in the morning, we went to the beach, then came home for lunch, then back to the beach, then home for dinner, baths, and bed.  It was super relaxing and super fun! 

I love how the beach has a way of entertaining those of all ages.  Our younger ones LOVED playing in the sand, the older children enjoyed boogie boarding and riding the waves, lots of families played ball or frisbie on the beach, lots of others read books, surfed, gathered sea shells.  One of my favorite things was to go running along the shore every morning.  Everyone had a great time!

Mason and John took up surfing.  John got up maybe once, but Mason turned pro over night. 

Here's Papa (over 60 years old, yea--he's awesome!) surfing with Taylor and a cousin.

Kate couldn't get enough of the sand.  Not so much with the water though. . .

Here's a lot of the group, going for a morning walk on the beach to see the tide pools.

Papa is always teaching, and his grandkids love him for that.  Here, he's drawing pictures on the sand to show how the rotation of the moon creates high and low tides. 

Andersen with one of his best buddies.  I love this picture!

Mima, controlling three of the grandkids with her magical powers.

After a great week, we left full of memories.  Then we ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere, about 9 miles from the nearest gas station.  Nice planning!  (I won't mention who was the driver in charge of making sure this didn't happen).  John started walking towards a dairy in hopes to get some help, and took the car keys along with him.  Nice again!  John's sister saved us about 40 minutes later and brought gas, but I didn't have keys to get John, so that lead to another bout of waiting.  In the middle of nowhere.  The kids were getting hungry, thirsty, and HOT.

Here's our typical Mason.  He had a few food options, like nuts, granola bars, fruit sancks, cheese sticks, rolls, etc. . . He chose to eat a head of lettuse.  Rabbit!

Man, I love my family!  And not just the ones that live in my house, but all of my extended family too.  The LeSueurs know how to have some fun.


  1. Thank you for loving us. I sure love you and your sweet family!

  2. Great memories. So thankful we get to be included in the fun.

  3. Your beach trip sounded great! Sorry to hear that you ran out of gas, that is one of my fears. How did the story end?