Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of School 2012

 Taylor starts junior high this year, Mason is in 6th grade, Abby in 4th, and EmmaClaire in 1st.  Andersen gets to do preschool, and Kate gets to act like a terrible 2-year-old. 

 I love that the kids are all at the same school (K-8th grade).  I love that they can ride their bikes there and back together (as soon as it's not blazing hot outside), and I love that they "get" to wear uniforms.  Red or navy polos on top, and tan or denim on bottom.  It really simplifies EmmaClaire's mornings-she's our fashion diva and still struggles with the what shirt to wear each morning.

Mason and Taylor are excited to be on the cross country team this year, and Abby is excited to be in orchestra for the first time.  EmmaClaire really wants to be on the cheer leading team, but we're still debating that one.

Cheers to the start of another year of school. 

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  1. This is my year of 3 different schools for my kids. Holly starts early morning seminary too, so that should be fun(or exhausting). I love the photo shot of the four kids in front of the garage.