Sunday, August 12, 2012

EmmaClaire's Two Front Teeth

EmmaClaire has been wiggling and wiggling this whole past summer.  Finally, after weeks of working on it, her first top tooth came out.  It was ready to come out, and she was thrilled.  The Tooth Fairy was "super busy with other teeth" the first two nights, but finally brought her two quarters, a dime and a nickel. 

She was ecstatic!  She ran throughout the house holding up her money, singing "I got money, I got money, and I want MORE".  . . . (sounds kind of greedy, I know.  She was hilarious!). 

 Later that afternoon, she came to me asking if I thought her other front tooth was loose enough to pull out. I couldn't even get it to budge. No way, that tooth has a long way to go before pulling it out.

She continued asking others in the family if it was ready to get out. . . and continued getting the same response. Finally, I asked her why she wanted it to come out. "Because I want MORE MONEY" was her singy response.

When Dad came home that evening, she handed him floss and told him to help her get it out.  She was determined, so he took on the challenge and went to work.

And he kept working.  It was like a mini surgery in our family room.  And it took a long time. 

But he finally got it out.  The tooth popped and flew across the room.  EmmaClaire grabbed it, held it high, and yelled "Money".  Then she ran to the bathroom to wash it up.  A few moments later, John and I heard the saddest weepy cry coming from the bathroom.  The tooth had fallen into the sink and was washed away down the drain.  All her hopes of becoming rich from the tooth fairy had vanished, and she was devastated.

After calming her down, we decided to send the tooth fairy a note with some before and after pictures so she would know EmmaClaire was telling the truth.  And it worked. This 6-year-old is rich!

And we're enjoying her darling toothless smile and the way she can't say her "S" sound very clearly.  I wish I could freeze her cute personality forever. 


  1. One of my most favorite things - missing front teeth!!! I LOVE it! I can't believe he got that other one out! She was brave!

  2. I love this!!!! So cute and hilarious at the same time! John should be a dentist!