Monday, March 31, 2014

Kate's massive bed head

Kate woke up yesterday with the most awesome, amazing bed head I think I have ever seen.  These pictures don't do it justice.

I'm pretty sure she's my favorite side kick so far in my mothering years.  I genuinely enjoy having her by my side all day, every day.  She is so sweet, thoughtful, soft spoken, and helpful.

A few weeks ago, after a family movie night with Frozen, Kate came to me, snuggled up to me, and said, "mom, I will never, ever shut you out".  At first I wasn't sure what she was referring to or talking about.  She repeated it again, with a lot of emotion and more tight hugs.  I told her that I would never shut her out either, then asked where she had heard that.  From Frozen, of course.  The little sister says it to the older sister at one point in the movie.  Then she continued to hug me tight and tell me she loved me soooooo much.  So sweet.

Another Kate funny:  yesterday on our way home from church, Mason commented on how dry EmmaClaire's hands were, how her skin was cracking and flaky.  I said, "I'm pretty sure EmmaClaire is half lizard or maybe crocodile".  

That comment was followed my Abby saying, "we'll, Andersen is half dinosaur" (because he has a massive ridge of bone down the center of how head. . . Very noticeable with his summer buz haircuts").  Then Andersen agreed, and added that he might be half monkey too because he loves to climb trees. 

The conversation went on for a little while like that, then kind of died down.  After a quiet moment, Kate, as serious as could be, said "I'm pretty sure I am half princess".  And of course, we all had to agree with that.  She is our little princess. Sweet as ever.

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