Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer is Over

I can't believe how fast this past summer has flown.  Taylor started school this past week, and the rest of the bunch start this coming week.  Part of me is sad to see our lives start filling up with commitments and schedules.  On the other hand, all the kids will be glad to get back to routine, which makes life happier for all of us.

Summer started with a nice week of down time--no schedule, late nights playing games and goofing off as a family, sleeping in and being lazy in the morning, huge yummy breakfasts at 10 AM, and lots of swimming.  It was a perfect way to start summer and enjoy just being together with no major commitments. 

I started an entry towards the beginning of the summer but never posted it.  So, to start off our summer. . . .

"Summer has been in full swing for almost two weeks now. The kids have gotten into a good morning routine that includes morning jobs, school work, exercise, scripture study, practicing, and reading. At first when John and I introduced the summer plan, we got a lot of slack and complaining, especially from the older kids. They thought that summer should be a time for hanging out and wasting time, no school work, sleeping in, being lazy, and watching a lot of movies. Pretty much, all of my least favorite things.

But after two days, the kids realized that if they were consistent and diligent, they could easily finish their assignments by noon and have the rest of the day to themselves.

They are all involved in activities through the afternoon. EmmaClaire and Andersen have swim team every day, all three boys have basketball camp, and Abby has volleyball camp later in July.

The days are long, super fun, and really busy. Not very relaxing for me, but I'm OK with that. I figure, my job is to keep the kids learning, creating, and happy. There is constant need from at least two children all throughout the day, constant mess in the kitchen, constant crafting going on with the girls and their friends, and daily swimming.   And we're loving it!"

And now it's over.

Here's our littlest swimmer.  Love how her goggles are totally crooked, upside down, and off-set.  But hey, "they're pink".

And a little hip action.

For a quick overview of our summer:

EmmaClaire and Andersen were involved in swimteam each afternoon, Taylor and Mason did a 2-week basketball camp at the high school, Abby enjoyed a week-long volleyball camp in late July, and Andersen LOVED his little basketball camp-first ever.  It made him feel so big and strong!  Taylor and Mason also enjoyed scout camp with their Dad while I played at the cabin with some of my favorite people.  Then we came back for my brother's wedding, then left the following day to Utah for a family reunion for over a week. Then home for 4 days, then back up to the cabin with my parents, then home again for another week of fun with my parents, then some major home projects, then sending my oldest to HIGHschool this past Monday. . . . Sheeeesh!  It's all happened so fast. 

First day of school for Taylor.  9th Grade, 5 feet 9 1/2 inches tall, at least 145 lbs, braces, and super smart and handsome.  And cool enough to use his sister's pink and blue lunch bag full of leftovers for school lunch(because we were out of bread and sandwich meat).
I still can't hardly believe I have a highschooler.  I still feel like a "young" mom with little toddlers and preschoolers. I guess I am that (a mom with toddlers and preschool aged kids). . just not the "young" part.  Taylor loved his first day, loved his second day even more, and has walked in the door from school with a smile on his face every day since.  He is maturing quickly and I couldn't be more proud of such a fine young man to call my own. 

I'll post separate entries for all of our summer activities within the next few days so I don't remember all the details later.

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  1. so impressed you are finding time to blog with it all! and you are definitely still young to me... :)