Tuesday, July 30, 2013

June-Week at the Cabin with Cousins

One of the highlights of this past summer was spending a week at the cabin with some of my favorites-three of my sister in laws and their kids.  John and the boys were at scout camp, and we had no important commitments to keep us in the heat of summer.  So I packed up with the youngest four and headed to the cabin in the mountains to play.

The kids were in heaven, being surrounded with their best friends and cousins.  And I loved all the quiet, relaxed time with my sisters.  I love being with them and always feel like I learn so much from them.  They are all so fun, so creative, so kind. I'm lucky to have them.

One of the most enjoyable parts was getting to know my new niece, Kathryn.  My three girls couldn't get enough of her, especially EmmaClaire.  It does my heart good to see those nurturing qualities demonstrate themselves in my girls when we have little babies around.  

Being at the cabin is Boy Heaven for my Buster.  There is so much wildlife, perfect weather for outside play, lots of fishing, hiking, rock throwing, fort building, Indian playing, creating. . . Andersen was in absolute heaven.

There was plenty of time to just sit on the patio, watch the kids play, and visit with my sister in laws.  I love how much my girls admire and respect their aunts.  And I also love how these women show so much interest in the lives of my girls.  my girlscouldn't pick better role models to follow.  They are sure that their aunts are the coolest ever.

Here's the gang, always palling around together.  You'd think that with this many little kids around, we would have plenty of fighting and arguing, but that wasn't the case here.  For the most part, all of the cousins, even the very little ones, got along great.

Aunt Shawnne brought nail stuff.  Way to think ahead.  The girls loved all the attention they got from her.  

It was a wonderful, relaxing and fun week for all.  The only thing that forced us to come home, other than our husbands, was a wedding. And that's for another post.

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