Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quote from Taylor

As a mother, there are some things that I hope I never forget.  Here's one of them:

After returning from a great Stake Conference meeting, we are in the kithcen visiting and preparing lunch.  I have mentioned a few things that impressed me during the church meeting.  Taylor says to Mason,

"Mason, do you want to know the best feeling in the whole world"?

My ears get peeked, and I get ready to listen to my awesome oldest son teach my other children about something he learned in Conference, something spiritual in nature, something that will invite the other children to be better, to follow the Savior more fully.

Mason says, "what"?

Taylor says, "It's when you find out that the girl that you really like likes you back. . . yea, that's pretty much the best feeling in the world."

I totally cracked up.  Then I had to admit to Taylor that although that's not what I thought would come out of his mouth, I totally agree with him.  We've got some major hormones ragin' in our house!  Love it!

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