Saturday, January 26, 2013

Boys "Fun" Camp

Taylor and Mason plan to attend Scout Camp this coming Summer.  The cost is $200 each, and we've told the boys that it's their responsibility to earn the money. 

Over Christmas Break, my boys decided to hold two days of "Boys Fun Camp" for all boys between the ages of 4 and 8.  The cost was $5 per boy per day. I helped them by thinking through different activities, crafts, snack, "attention grabbers", etc.  But when it actually came time to entertain the boys, Taylor and Mason did it all on their own, and I was pretty impressed.

The first Friday, we had 15 boys show up for two and a half hours.  Taylor and Mason directed them in some stretches (counting out loud just like you see football teams do),then they had some competitions on the trampoline, then some relay races, then a craft, then a snack, then kickball at the neighborhood park.  No one got hurt, thank goodness, and everyone seemed to have a good time.

The second Friday, 10 boys showed up for two and a half hours.  Taylor and Mason started with a few relay races, then taught the boys about bike safety, played Red light, Green light, then a craft and snack.  Then they all headed to the culd-e-sac which was coned off for some bike races.  All of the boys brought either a bike or a scooter.  They weaved through cones, practiced going/stopping at green/red lights (made out of construction paper and Popsicle sticks), and had a few team races.

I watched through the kitchen window a lot of the time and was impressed with a few things.  First, Taylor and Mason always gave really clear directions before proceeding to the next activity, then made sure each of the boys understood exactly what was expected of them.  For example, instead of saying "OK, now we're going to go ride bikes, so go get your bikes", (which would have been an absolute disaster with 10 little boys), Taylor had all the boys sit down and then waited until all were paying attention.  Then he said, "First, we're going to go into the garage, find your helmets and bikes, then wait for further instruction".  Then, after that task was completed, he said, "Now, I want you to ride down into the culd-e-sac and sit down right under Parker's tree in front of his house".  Then, after that was accomplished, Taylor and Mason proceeded to tell the boys what games they were going to play.  I checked outside a few times, and all 10 boys were eagerly waiting their turn in line to ride through the cones, practice stopping at a red "light", etc.  I was surprised to see how organized things went.

We have some darling little boys in our neighborhood, and I'm grateful for their parents who entrusted their little boys in my big boys' care. 

Overall, after all expenses were paid (craft materials, snack) Taylor and Mason earned about a third of their way towards Scout Camp.  And better yet, they had a great learning experience that will some day benefit them as they try to entertain their very own little boys. 

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