Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Abby's Arm, Again!

Back in February, Abby broke her right arm on the monkey bars.  It was a nasty break that left her in 4 different casts until the beginning of June.  We were glad to be over and done with that, especially since Summer was coming.  And casts get quite stinky and uncomfortable during the hot AZ summers.

I should have knocked on wood.  In late October at Taylor's soccer, Abby and her cousin were kicking around during half time.  She tripped and broke her arm.  I heard her cousin running across the soccer field, screaming "Aunt Becca. . . Aunt Becca. . . Abby broke her arm again".  And I panicked, especially when I saw Abby holding her arm together with her sweatshirt and screaming.  The same arm.  The same two bones, just 3 inches lower towards her wrist.  The same dramatic trip to the ER, the same closed operation, IV's, morphine. . .

This time though, as opposed to February, Abby's veins didn't collapse due to shock, and the ER doctors were able to get an IV in and working within about 20 minutes of the accident.  Then morphine came 5 minutes later, and she could finally calm down a bit.  Last time, it took over an hour and 6 pokes of the needle to find a vein that worked.

She had an orange cast for the first month to honor her soccer team, "Orange Crush".  She couldn't play but instead because the team's biggest cheer leader and the coaches "assistant".

Then she switched to a red cast, in honor of Christmas.  The cast comes off in mid January, then a brace for a month.

This picture is a little graphic and still makes my stomach turn every time I see it. . . but for history sake. . .

 Kind of weird. Needless to say, she's popping calcium supplements daily now.  And I'm knocking on wood that it doesn't happen again.

One thing I don't want to forget-- the main thing Abby screamed about on our way to the ER was her desperate need for her father to give her a priesthood blessing.  Unfortunately, John was about 40 minutes away at a meeting for work.  But Abby's uncle and another worthy priesthood holder in our church came quickly and administered to her.  Abby felt the strength of that experience and later shared with me her testimony of the power of the Priesthood, the Lord's power here on earth today.  I couldn't be more grateful.

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