Monday, January 16, 2012

The New Year brings 8 AM Church!

First of all, getting all the kids ready on my own (John leaves for meetings at 6:30) and being on our way at 7:30 AM, looking nice, breakfast fed, and "happy" is almost a joke. (I say 'almost' because yesterday morning was a pure success! But barely).

Then there's the whole rest of the day to keep the kids doing reverent things, being kind to each other, and keeping the Spirit in our home.

Here's Taylor and Mason, getting bored enough to do arm curls with the hamper, with our little heavy weight champion in tow. Very creative! And it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, which of course ALWAYS happens (in this instance, about 2 minutes after snapping the picture).

All the kids enjoy being together, which I am so grateful for. They don't require any outside entertainment or friends because they have each other.

But typically, with time the 'being together' leads to wrestling, UNproductivity, teasing, lazy laying around, 'creative' messes in the kitchen, and lots of noise. And there's only so many tricks in my bag for keeping them productive on Sunday afternoons. And it's usually all me, as John is typically gone most of the day with meetings.

I am not complaining, but I am up for suggestions. . . .


  1. Maybe a family walk in the afternoon while the weather is still nice? Get out, enjoy nature and the creations, talking with one another, and getting out some of that otherwise restless energy.

    Okay...officially tapped out of ideas now. :) You're great and you'll figure something out. I know you will because,'re you! Awesome!

  2. Lafe's family used to have a Sunday where they would all journal - that's hard with little ones, but sometimes we would all sit down to journal and help write what the little ones wanted and then let them draw a picture.

    One of my favorites is board games - we had one Sunday where we just played and played them - some Church and some not, but still reverent-ish.

    There are lots of printables on Pinterest for Church games/ coloring.

    I totally understand the getting ready thing - its nice to have older kids this time. I used to get so frustrated at the meetings involving fathers of young children right before church. I know there's not much that can be changed, but I was still very frustrated. And, then having to keep them all happy after church, too! I know, I know........