Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Deal of the Century!!!

Guess how much I spent on this cute pair of pants from Old Navy?

I went in to return some "boy" clothes and exchange them for "men" clothes for Taylor. Can't hardly believe that I have to shop in the Men's section for him already.

And while I was there, all the clearance sections were marked an additional 30% off. So, without looking for something specific, I browsed a little just to see if there were any deals. I found these brown pants in my size, but with no tag on it.

So I took it to the front desk, thinking that if it was a great deal then maybe I'd get them. After telling that to the store clerk, she rang up the price and said to me, "wow, I think you've gotten the deal of the century". In my mind, I'm thinking, "no-you don't realize how cheap I am. 10$ for a pair of pants isn't a 'deal'. . . even if it was origionally $28". So I started telling her how cheap I am and how I really didn't want them unless it was a screemin' deal, not just a good deal.

Any guesses?

$0.67. Yep-that's what I paid. Sixty-seven cents! Definitely not a need, but for sixty-seven cents, how could I pass it up?

I came home and told John about my amazing shopping experience. His response was, "what a waste of money. . .that's worth a pack of M&M's. And M&M's 'are' a need, not those pants!"

Hey, at least the color of the pants reminds him of chocolate.


  1. Nice! LOVE Old Navy sales. A couple of months ago, I hit the clearance rack for the boys when there was an additional 40% off and I was able to score several goods for less than $2...some less than a buck!

    Tell John careful with the M&M's or those pants may not work for too long. :)

  2. I love his response!!! INCREDIBLE deal!!!!!