Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Night to Remember

Last night was pretty comical:

11 PM-I finally got the baby to sleep and hit the sack shortly thereafter.

12:30 AM-Andersen starts crying from his crib. He's freezing with no covers, he has snot all over his face, and wants a drink. I get him a drink, wipe his nose, cover him up, and go back to sleep.

1:13 AM-Abby comes into our bed in tears and tells me she can't sleep because of scary dreams. I calm the nerves, wipe away the tears, give hugs and a drink, and tuck her back into bed.

2:27 AM-Andersen comes to our bed (he must have climbed out of his crib) saying there were spiders and snakes in his bed, and he doesn't like the scary dreams. I carry him back to bed, turn on the light to show that the snakes and spiders have all gone home, give him a drink, and tuck him back in.

3:16-Baby wakes up to be fed, diaper changed, burped, and put back to bed. Takes about 45 minutes.

4:32 AM-Mason comes into my room and says he's been having scary dreams and can't sleep. By this time, I'm ready to laugh out loud. I give him a hug, tell him to say a prayer and climb back into bed.

5:18 AM-Andersen comes back into our room, scared again of the dream about the snake and spider. I tell him to wake up dad. So John puts him in bed with us, which means I don't sleep at all. But I try.

5:57 AM-Baby wakes up again to get fed. This time she gets the hick-ups that don't go away. The sun is up, and the kids are getting up for school, and my day is starting.

I'm starting to think something is in the water that causes scary dreams, or was it the stir fry we had for dinner last night?

Someday, when I'm sleeping a good 8 hours each night I'll look back on this night with fondness. Or was it a scary dream I was having that lasted the entire night?

John worked from home this morning until after lunch so I could sleep. He's awesome!


  1. Becca - I admire how you never seemed to get frustrated or upset! I'm usually good until about the 3rd or 4th wakeup, then I get pretty cranky. =-)

  2. Those are deffinately nights to remember. We've had plenty of those in our home. I think they make a plan before they go to bed to tag team and keep mom and dad on their toes!

  3. Ha ha! That is one LONG night. So sweet though. And I love how you are patient all night then finally tell Andersen to wake up "Dad" only to roll over and find Andersen right next to you :) What cute kids, we miss you.