Thursday, July 29, 2010

I was sitting down on the couch nursing the baby and saw EmmaClaire climbing up on the counter with a pair of scissors in her hand. "What are you doing?" I asked.

EmmaClaire- I'm doing Hop Scotch

Me-What did you say? No, what are you doing up there?

EmmaClaire-I'm doing Hop Scotch

Me-No really. Why are you sitting on the counter with scissors?

EmmaClaire, this time yelling-HOP SCOTCH

Me-can you put the scissors down and "hop scotch" down from the counter?

EmmaClaire-No, I need the scissors to do hop scotch

So after finishing nursing the baby, I got up and went over to see what she was really doing. She picked up a Box Top that she had cut out of a cereal box and said, "see Mom, I'm doing hop scotch." Oh, of course! Hop scotch, box tops-it's all the same.

I love 4-year-olds!

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