Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poetic Mind

Taylor just brought a hand-made booklet home from school today with a bunch of poems he has written this past year in school. John and I were pretty impressed with a few:

Hope (Free verse)
A dim light piercing through clouds of strife.
The orange glow at the end of the tunnel.
The propelling force or essence of living.
Hope is the sanctuary of all dreams.
Hope is the dangling rope we grope for
When comes lifes darkest hour.
It is the life jacket
In the durbulent waterse of life.
It is hope. . . Hope for us all.
Music (Modified Cinquain)
The lovely feeling that come not be expressed.
The words that can not be worded.
A golden happiness once consumed
that will not go away.
The Brain (Haiku)
Two fists of matter
Zillions of smart nuerons-
A closet of thoughts.
Mountain (Pyramid)
Immense, Powerful
Watching, waiting, obliterating
The keeper of the Earth
A silent Guard.
When I was in 4th grade, I remember writing poems that started with "roses are red, violets are blue. . . ". Not sure where he got his creativity.


  1. He has an incredible mind and thankfully his parents and grandparents fill it with good stuff. He is amazing! I would say that his creativity comes from you and from his papa. The deep thinking--well, that apple didn't fall too far from his father's tree at all.

  2. Wow - he's a deep thinker! Those are really great poems!

  3. I'm with you...Roses are red...I am so impressed! What a vocabulary!