Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here's Where Taylor Gets His Poetry

After Taylor sent his poem to Grandma and Grandpa A, his uncle Spencer (13 years old) sent one to him. We thought it was pretty good. And for the love of Uncle Spencer, we want to show it off.

The Rat
By: Spencer Andersen

On the couch I sat there thinking
About memories from before
Long I sat there without speaking
Till I yearned to snooze and snore

Weary as my aching bones were
I could sit there-still, no more
Wearily my mind did aver
Then I walked up to my door

But as I was walking soundly
I heard a noise that drove me mad
It was small but it was gloomy
It was ugly-it was sad

Suddenly I froze while standing
Horrified, my blood did chillchill
Hardly speaking, hardly breathing
Paralyzed while time stood still­­

Out it jumped as quick as lightning
Hideous-it did appear
It was a rat about a foot long
Screeching wildly there and here

Then it ran into a crevice
Just as fast as it appeared
I was scared and also nervous
Silently I turned and peered

There it stood! Its eyes were burning
Now it looked upon my face
It stopped to stare as if deciding,
“Will he engage me in a chase?”

But my courageous heart did fail me
And my frightened face turned pale
Scurrying, jumping, I glanced to see
Now the rat was on my trail!

Away I ran, then slammed the door
He came clawing at the gap
I screamed,” Save me from this horror!”
Then I wakened from my nap.

Sitting straight upon my bedding,
Relieved, my nightmare was no more
Suddenly-my silence breaking;
I hear scratching at my door!!!

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