Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beat the Summer Boredom

I remember telling myself last summer to do anything/ everything possible to help my older boys find jobs or something that would keep them busy and productive this summer.  And here we are, a few weeks into this summer with nothing lined up. But thank goodness, they haven't driven me crazy. . . . . yet.  

This past week, Taylor and Mason have kept busy building a rocket launcher out of PVC pipe.  Perfect activity for teenage boys.

The boys have made two trips to Home Depot for parts and have spent lots of time on YouTube watching "how to" videos.  And then plenty of time in the backyard building, experimenting, and working on their project.  

I've been impressed with their creativity and ingenuity.  And I have especially appreciated how this project has kept them preoccupied and focused on things other than teasing siblings and eating me out of house and home.    

Hopefully next summer they'll both have jobs.

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