Friday, November 16, 2012

X-Country Season comes to a Close

Mason just finished his first season of cross country for junior high.  I loved watching his meets, as it took me back to those days when I was in jr. high or high school and was involved in track and cross country.  I felt like we had something in common, something that connected me to my Mason.  I could identify with the little butterflies that would build up in his tummy on the drive to the race.  Or the feeling of energy and excitement that comes towards the end of a race where parents are on the side lines, cheering for each runner.  I don't think I watched one of his races without getting all teary eyed and emotional as I cheered him on.  Mason has a pretty high pain tolerance and a strong inner drive that gets him to the finish line.  Running is much more mental than physical, I think.

Lining up for a meet with lots and lots of other boys, waiting for the gun shot.

Mason has a great kick--he can really turn up the speed towards the end of his race.  At most races, he passed a lot of boys the last 400 yards.  Here he comes, picking up on the speed.

What I loved most about Mason doing cross country was that it was HIS sport.  Not his older brothers, not his younger sisters.  Just his.  And he watched himself get stronger, faster, and more flexible over the course of the season.  His endurance improved, and his self confidence definitely improved.   A few phrase that is said frequently in our home is, "Let's race, Mase!"


  1. Atta boy, Mason! I can totally identify with those feelings of butterflies, too! For the first couple of years after I graduated from high school, when the spring weather was just right, I'd get this feeling, "Oh, I have a race today." And then I'd get all goosebumpy until I realized, uh, no I don't. :-) Thanks for this post!

  2. Way to go, Mason! So proud of you. Can't wait to race at our annual family Turkey Trot this year! :)