Sunday, September 23, 2012

Update on Mason

He didn't win the student council election for Vice President.  His response was, "I knew all the popular kids would win."  But he seemed cool with that, not too flustered.  He admires the girl who won his position. 

I remember loosing my 6th grade student council election as well, for secretary.  It was a big fat bummer, and I felt pretty lousy for a few days afterwards. 

But life goes on, we learn and grow, we forget, and we move on too.  I somehow survived that loss, and I think because of it, I was able to be a little more empathetic towards Mason.

I told him that he was my most favorite, most popular 6th grader in the whole world and that he'd have my vote for sure. 

We've talked to our kids about being a good winner, a bad winner, a good looser, and a bad looser.  Mason's character is definitely shining through as a bad looser.  We're proud of him, even though he's not one of the "popular" kids around school. He's good, he's kind, and he tries to always choose the right.

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