Friday, June 1, 2012


While running a quick errand last week, Taylor was doing some wood working with Mason and accidentally slipped the chisel towards himself.  It cut pretty deep, and when I returned about 10 minutes later, Taylor was as white as a ghost and about passed out on the couch.  Mason was in a nervous panic but seemed grateful to see me. 

Thank goodness for great neighbors.  One of our neighbors and great friends is a physician assistant.  After a phone call, we went to his house to have him look at it.  He set up his own little ER at his kitchen table and stitched Taylor's hand up.  5 stitches.

Taylor got those stitches out yesterday and is doing just fine.  The whole incident just endeared all the more me to our neighbors.  So kind, so willing to share their talents, so consecrated.  Amazing people!

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