Monday, May 21, 2012

The House of the Lord--just down the street!

I grew up close to the Mesa AZ Temple, which looks a little different on the outside than other LDS temples, but is absolutely wonderful and beautiful on the inside.--just like all LDS temples. The Mesa temple doesn't have an Angel Moroni on top.  Most others do.

I loved growing up close to the temple and feeling of its influence.  So when the Gilbert Temple was announced over a year ago, I was THRILLED, to say the least.  And it's just 2 miles away.  We've watched and watched this past year as the construction has developed.  Last week, I pulled my kids out of school to see the Angel Moroni lifted up by a crane and placed on top of the temple. 

Thanks to a few friends, I got some great pictures of the event.  My camera's battery was dead--bad timing!

It was one of the most exciting events I have ever been to.  There were lots of people on all the corners of the intersection and at the park across the street, waiting with cameras in hand to catch this historical event.  I felt this quiet, exciting energy that sometimes, out of nowhere, erupted into little outbursts of cheers and screams.  I felt like cheering like I did during high school football games, yet at the same time I felt such a sense of reverence and respect, and lots of gratitude that I could be so close.  Those feelings brought on lots of tears during the event.

The most memorable time came after the crane lifted the gold covered statue up on top of the temple.  A few workers got it fitted just right, then the crane let the statue down--slowly, ever so slowly, until it finally rested on the top of the temple.  Immediately at that moment, the whole intersection, full of people, started cheering and clapping.  We could hear it over all the noise of construction and traffic.  Then came a quiet silence from all the people.  No one moved for a moment, but still--all eyes were on the temple.  The silence and feelings of reverence were tangible and lasted a few minutes before people started going their separate ways.  It was a wonderful feeling.

We talked as a family later that evening about lucky we were to be there that day.  My kids felt the Spirit there and have continued to mention how awesome it was to be there.  What a blessing to be so close to the House of the Lord!

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  1. Wow! What an amazing experience for your family. And you captured it so well, Bec! Reading your post brought tears to my eyes too. If I wasn't homesick for the Valley of the Sun already, I really am now!! Can't wait to see you soon.