Friday, August 5, 2011

My Buddy

Yesterday morning I drove the four oldest to school. As they got out of the car, we all said our "love you's" and "have a great day" and "don't forget to smile" and "eat all your vegetables at lunch before eating your treat" . . .and the list goes on. The kids jumped out, waved goodbye, and I started to drive out of the carpool lane.

I looked in my rearview mirror and saw Andersen, the only one left in the car, with a lonely look on his face. To cheer him up, I started singing a song about how Andersen is my buddy--one of those made-up songs that just come out. Then I said, "Hey Buddy, what do you want to do with me today?"

The response I got wasn't what I expected. He said, "Mom, . . . . (pause), I want a buddy . . .. (more pause). . .that's. . . . NOT you."

Ouch! What? My little three year old doesn't think I'm his best friend?

Then he went on to say, "I want a buddy that's little like me, I want a buddy that is my same age. I want Davie to be my buddy." (Davie is a super fun cousin that's his same age, same size, and great friend).

So we came home and called David to play. Too bad he was out of town.

Thank goodness, Andersen didn't mention it again that day. And I tried hard to redeem myself. We played Old Maid, Memory, the matching game, we read books, we went swimming, snuggled, and worked together. All in all, I think he was satisfied with me being his Buddy.

But really, there's nothing cuter than watching him and his buddy, Davie, playing together. They are true Buddies!


  1. Oh! My heart just melted on the floor! We start school this week and will definitely have Andersen over to play. Sorry we were out of town, but it sounds like he had a great day with his mom. Someday, he'll realize that you really are his best buddy!

  2. Those are some cute buddies. Wished we lived closer...I'd add another cute buddy to the mix!