Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Anniversary--We're Teenagers!

This past week John and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. To keep with tradition in our family, we had a family birthday party to celebrate the birth of our family. We talked about what we LOVE about our family, we had our favorite cake (chocolate molten lava cake) and ice cream, we sang "happy birthday to us", and opened presents.

John and I felt the need to help the kids feel unity and loyalty within our family. John shared some great thoughts with the kids about what it means to be a team player-although team players each have different roles and responsibilities, they all work together in order to succed. He bore testimony to them about the plan of salvation, the sealing power in temples, and how exciting it will be someday to all be able to return to God's presence as a family. We're all on the LeSueur team.

Every team needs some sort of uniform. Here's ours.

On the front of the shirts, the kids say MVP --most valuable player. John's says, "Head Coach", and mine says "Manager".

It was a fun day. And from a mother's perspective, it was quite reassuring. Sometimes it's easy to only notice the fighting, arguing, bickering, complaining. . . on a day-to-day basis. But today I noticed only gratitude between each other, kindness, compliments, laughter, and lots of love passed around. I felt progress towards our end goal--to be an eternal family unit. It was a good feeling.

Of course, John and I did some celebrating on our own as well. He and I checked ourselves out of the parent roles a few weeks ago and had a grand time. He's my best friend, and I'm his as well. The kids know we're first in each other's lives, and that knowledge provides them a sense of security and pride.

Happy Anniversary to Us!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! You guys are awesome. Sure love your team of LeSueurs!