Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break--Part 1

The highlight of our first week of Spring Break was going to the cabin with some favorite cousins, the Wrights. Among other things, we enjoyed playing in the snow, reading and relaxing, playing lots of games, visiting, hiking, building forts, fishing, riding mountain bikes,
exercising, going on walks, and feeding horses.
Mason and boys, preparing for a great snow-ball fight against the girls.
John with baby Kate, watching the snowball fight.

Roasting Smores over the fire.

Taylor and cousins, fishing--waiting for a bite.

After a few hours of building and working, the kids showed us an AWESOME fort.
Pretty impressive!

This picture is a still-shot of Taylor and Derek's personality! Snuggling together, reading from the same book titled, "Dangerous Book for Boys". Life couldn't get any better for these two.

EmmaClaire was one of the "big kids" this trip and enjoyed a lot of playing outside and hiking.

And, just for kicks--baby Kate is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! Especially all
bundled up in her warm snow clothes.

We came home full of great memories.

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