Sunday, February 6, 2011

No More Germs. . .

It seems like our family spent the bulk of January being sick. I think I started the trend around New Years. My bout lasted about 10 days before I was feeling better. Then baby Kate got pretty sick--throw up, fevers, two ear infections, asthma, cold, coughs, etc. Finally when she started to act better, Abby and Mason too their turn. As they got better, Emma Claire and Taylor got sick with the same yucky stuff. Then, poor Kate got hit again and is finally getting over her illness.

The breathing treatment machine has been running nonstop for a month, the cool-mist humidifier has been turned on every night for over 4 weeks, rotating the kids bedrooms according to whoever needs it most, and I have had more sleepless nights, doctor appointments, more wiping noses, and cleaning up throw-up than I can count. Do I dare hope that we're out of it for a while?
I'm crossing my fingers.

Out of all the children, Kate has definitely been the sickest, and the most worrisome because she's still so young. Three years ago when Andersen was a few months old, we ended up checking him into the hospital for 5 days after an ER visit because where he was diagnosed with RSV.
We were blessed that Kate didn't get that sick. She got pretty accustom to getting breathing treatments every 3 hours.

Through all of this, I have gained more appreciation for a generally healthy body. What an amazing creation.

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