Sunday, November 28, 2010

Homemade Turkey Trot

Mesa holds a 10K Turkey Trot every Thanksgiving morning. Three years ago, I and a few inlaws wanted to run in the race but were opposed to paying the registration fee, didn't want to deal with the crowds and parking, and weren't sure what to do with our children while we ran the race.

So John and I decided to hold our own LeSueur Turkey Trot. The race started at our home and jogged through a few parks, around a nice lake, and back home through different neighborhoods. Double joggers, bikes, and scooters were all allowed. It turned out so fun, we decided to make it a Thanksgiving tradition.

This past Thanksgiving marked our third LeSueur Turkey Trot. We had close to 40 people race, including a special guest, Mr. Turkey (my super awesome brother Neil). If the turkey beat any of the runners, then they got "gobbled".

Good times, good company, good memories, and great exercise!

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  1. hahaha, where on earth did you guys find a turkey suit? I can't wait to see ya'll at the reunion! You'll be there yeah??