Friday, March 12, 2010

The Humble Hero

Taylor finished his basketball season last week. All but one game, they lost BIG TIME, like by 20 points minimum. Our family attended his end-of-the-season party last weekend. The coach recognized each player with an award and a candy bar. John and I had to laugh when we heard Taylor's award. He got the "Humble Hero" award. What?

The coach said that whenever the team started to do well or made a nice play, Taylor would always remind them, "guys, let's not get cocky". Coach seemed to be impressed with that; we thought it was hilarious--especially considering they were never even close to winning a game.

"Don't get cocky and start thinking we're all THAT because we just made a nice shot; we were 23 points behind and now we're ONLY 21 behind."

Always a good reminder for all of us. --Don't get cocky!

We're still laughing.

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  1. Hey,if that kid's a LeSueur and he managed to have any humility when it comes to sports, then he deserves all the awards in the world! Ha! Okay, maybe I was just wasn't too humble because I grew up with all those boys!