Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time Out For Women

I attended my first Time Out For Women in Phoenix a few weekends ago with some of my favorite women. Being with these girls throughout the weekend was definitely the highlight. I seem to learn more from them just being in their presence than from all those lectures. But I did enjoy some lectures/talks as well.

Here are a few notes that got jotted down during that weekend:

  • 1- "Happiness is a City in the State of Mind"

  • 2- Adam and Eve were given the commandment, "Be HAPPY and find JOY therein." (I had never thought of that as a commandment from God. . . major attitude shift)

  • 3- One of the presenters requested us to ask ourselves the question, "What is it like being married to ME?" This question has lead to some thoughtful insight. . . no need to go there.

  • 4- In order for a plant to grow, it requires being planted in healthy soil, regular watering, and then a lot of direct sun light. And so it is with raising children: the child needs to be planted in a healthy home, be "watered" regularly, i.e. showered with love and appreciation, lots of teaching, healthy motivation and guidance. After that, we have to make sure the child is put under the direct light of the Savior. In other words, create moments and an environment where the child can feel His love and direction. We do the planting and the watering, then pray for sunshine. We do all we can as parents, and the Savior does the rest. This analogy was very insightful for me.

  • 5- Find Abundance in life. Learn to be content with what we have.


  1. That was sure a fun weekend. Glad you were able to come and stay. Sure love you!

  2. It was a fabulous that I definitely needed. Thanks for the reminders. I need to go and review my notes! Love you!

  3. Yay! For some reason the link I have to your blog was broken. I thought you'd given up on the blog world...but I just found it again thanks to Megs and Neil. I loved "catching up" on all your posts. You are one great blogger! The kids are growing up, especially Andersen! Missing you guys tonight! Love you! A